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Understanding the metamorphosis of deep-rooted beliefs

Image from unsplash - Rooted

Running is my biggest challenge when it comes to practicing mindfulness on my journey. Every action I take unconsciously creates an expectation. With the expectation, emotions like fear or insecurity can come along depending on the action and the expectation itself. I am exposing myself to the world, and my psychological self is responding with the fear of being judged and rejected. It is trying to protect me while predicting that the future will be like what I have experienced in the past.

Since I’m writing about it now, it obviously has become conscious. And when something becomes conscious, at first, the feel about it doesn’t change immediately. It takes time to alter beliefs and habits that have been ingrained for the entirety of our lives. That’s where we’re left with 2 options:

  1. We remain stuck while building resistance against it (Denial). As a result, I would probably stop posting. At least having a hard time to post something again.

  2. We’re observing and acknowledging it. Being Ok with it and moving on.

While the first option is easy to understand, I want to go deeper into the second one, since that’s what I was struggling with for a long time. This is the part where it get’s difficult to get our mind around it, and the saying: “Leave your mind aside” doesn’t really help. Accepting everything in this moment includes our mind as well. It requires practicing to get into the feel of accepting something that we want to get rid of. But once the feel for it has been developed, it becomes a breeze.

We still feel insecure, fearful or whatever has been triggered, even when we become conscious about it. At first! And that’s Okay.

“Sometimes the longest journey we make is sixteen inches from our heads to our hearts” — Elena Avila

Just because we understood something with our mind doesn’t mean that we experienced it fully. It first has to travel all the way down to our heart. And this happens through awareness of what has become conscious, allowing it to be the way it is. Continuing the journey while remaining aware that what we feel is only a triggered emotion. New experiences will overwrite the unconscious beliefs we’re still holding on to.

After a couple of times going through such a situation while remaining present, the trigger dissolves once it has been spotted. And that’s one of the most beautiful experiences I have made today.

Image from Unsplash by Fran - Bliss

That moment when you notice your beliefs take control over you and the subsequent emotions that dissolve, leading to a sense of bliss. Looking around, noticing how beautiful life is.

Keep practicing while giving up resistance to what you encounter. Just notice it and move on. The future is not known and thus; it makes no sense to protect from a potential event. Protecting us from the negative also protects us from the positive. Look at the negative for what it is when we let go of all judgement. Opportunities to grow.

Enjoy the moment

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Jun 27, 2023

I’m glad is created and I became a member, who by coincidence fell in here .

Love your posts , short and to point .

All the best , never let insecurities take over as your posts/ experiences are helping . X

Patrick Jeitz
Patrick Jeitz
Jun 27, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! ☺️



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