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Plans & Pricing

To date, all services at are free.

And what's free today, will remain free forever!

If is making a difference for you, you can support me while leaving a tip or applying for a small monthly subscription. Every help to cover the running costs and the time I'm investing is much appreciated!​​


​Your contribution will help me in covering the running costs listed below

  • Platform subscription costs to run the site and the community

  • Domain name costs

  • Email dissemination subscription costs (reads & newsletters) 

  • Content creation utility subscriptions (social media and marketing) ​​

  • Advertising costs (ex: Google ads)

​As a special thanks, you'll receive the "Heart of Gold" badge, as well as special discounts for every future product. 

  • Movement - Supporter

    Every month
    • Heart of Gold badge: As a little and visible recognition
    • Special discounts on future products


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