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The Unraveled Mind

​"The Unraveled Mind" is a thought-provoking reading list that explores how the lenses through which we view ourselves and our surroundings affect our wellbeing.

Join me on a journey to an enjoyable life by understanding and mastering your mind.

Expect reads that help you with...

  • Understanding your emotional and cognitive world

  • Unveiling and working with deep-rooted beliefs that do not serve you

  • Finding purpose and motivation

  • Building up confidence

  • Strengthen mental resilience

  • Sensing your authentic self

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Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

The motivation

The way we live and what we believe it takes to attain an enjoyable life has blinded us. We have nurtured these beliefs for as long as we live.

Discovering the ability to experience joy and happiness after years of battling depression gave birth to a profound shift in my life; igniting a sense of purpose that now drives me to share my experiences through “The Unraveled Mind”.

This life is all we have, and hapiness is everyone's birthright.

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

The foundation

“The world was peopled with minds, whirling faster than any wind, in search of distraction and escape from the predicament of change, the dilemma of life and death, seeking purpose, security, enjoyment, trying to make sense of the mystery. Everyone everywhere lived a confused, bitter search. Reality never matched their dreams; happiness was just around the corner; a corner they never turned.


And the source of it all was the human mind.” — Way of the peaceful warrior - Page 42


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