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About Patrick Jeitz

I had a “normal” childhood, a turbulent youth, married and divorced, became the proud father of a beautiful daughter, made my career, and ended up in what is now so sympathetically referred to as “burnout.”

Depression was controlling me for decades. I was ready to give up in a final way.

Today I'm training myself to let go of all apparently important knowledge gained by humanity since its existence, and observe what actually really is, how it feels, how it smells. Taking life for how I experience it instead of sticking to what I thought I knew.

The more I progress on my journey to reset myself, emptying the cup and experiencing the truth from within, I notice how the weight of depression fades. Everything I was lacking for so long is constantly growing since then. Energie, motivation, joy, bliss, creativity, imagination, and much more.

We believe in scientifically proven researches to comfort ourselves. We build an illusion of being in control through knowledge.

Life happens, and no one will ever be able to control it. Regardless of how much we understand.

The path towards a better world lies in our self-awareness and our capability to surrender. Since that's the only thing we truly control.

Spoken Languages

- English

- German

- French

- Luxemburgisch

Inspired by:

- Way of the peaceful warrior by Dan Millman

- Das Undenkbare Universum: Meister Eckhart und die Erfindung des Jetzt! by Thomas Hohn

- The power of now by Eckhart Tolle


About has been created by Patrick Jeitz who found back to an enjoyable life after having suffered depression over decades.

His experience not only helps people with depression but supports everyone absorbed by today's fast-paced lifestyle causing stress and pain all over the world. 

Enjoying life
Photo by Norbert Kundrak at Unsplash

What's the secret to enjoy life?

The "secret" is to realize yourself and your potential being part of life in the now.

The funny thing is that what I call "a secret", is the most obvious thing in the world to which we only lost connection.

The way we live and what we believe it takes to attain an enjoyable life has blinded us. We have nurtured these beliefs for as long as we live. The reason it's so difficult to understand at first.

Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash

But I live now, and I have all these challenges dragging me down!

To handle challenges with ease, you need to find your balance first. And the only time you can find your balance is the present. 

We think we live now, but in reality we don't. We even need signs to prevent injuries because we're not present. Like "Mind the step". 


Our ever wandering mind obscures the present moment, even when we're able to be present for a short time.

This creates a belief that the now is ordinary. So we're constantly striving for higher things, things we estimate are more rewarding. 

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

Why is it so difficult to let go and be present?

The problem is that we have this fix idea of achieving something to experience satisfaction and happiness. To end up with a certain result.

It's a journey, and the first step is to appreciate that there's no target.

Realization is what it takes. But one cannot transmit realization to another. It comes with experience.


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