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Community: what's included

  • Groups (exchange & support)

    • General, Depression Help, Meditation​ and more
      You're free to join the groups of your interest.

  • Reading list: Every Wednesday & Saturday, free reads, tips and guides delivered to your inbox.

    • Access all past reads within the member area

  • Occasional free downloads e.g. eBooks

The community, blog and the free reading list will remain free of charge forever! 

No one should ever pay to feel supported!

A few words...

It’s a shame how the system we live in drains all of our energy and how we’re unconsciously submitted to this way of living, believing that happiness comes through hard work and achievement, status and possessions.

For happiness is everyone’s birthright and available all the time, right here and right now, since the day of our birth.

Join the movement! Dare to break the stigma and choose to be happy rather than chasing it in the endless loop, causing so much pain and suffering all over the world.

Reading List only

If you're not interested in joining the community yet, you can opt for my free reading list only.


You'll receive fresh reads, tips, and guides in your inbox every Wednesday and Saturday.

Enjoy the moment while reading


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