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The beauty in imperfection

This is probably one of our biggest challenges to overcome. Accepting everything with love.

Unsplash - Imperfection

Experiencing this present moment the way it is implies to accept everything that is or happens right now. Since we are used to approaching with our mind, with reason and judgement, it is absolutely normal that thoughts trigger emotions and emotions trigger thoughts, that, if judged negative, are hard to accept and to let go.


I'm sure we all know how hard we judge ourselves, whereas with friends we are empathic, consoling them, no matter what happened to them or whatever they have done.

Once I was meditating, I felt a lot of resistance within me. I wasn't able to focus on my breath and I just felt uncomfortable. It was a guided meditation. The speaker talked about "Wabi Sabi". Meaning: The beauty in imperfection. And while she explained the known mechanism of self-judgement, and how we condemning ourselves when we're not satisfied the way we are, do or feel, I suddenly started to cry uncontrollably. All resistance within me had become conscious. And I felt empathy towards myself as I would feel for anyone of my friends. This empathy towards myself made me cry even more. I got this with my mind long before. I knew I was a perfectionist and things like that. But I haven't realized how much it hindered me. After all, I am the judge and thus, I doomed myself to never succeed.

This present moment is about everything that is and happens right now. No matter how we would judge. Whatever is there, it definitely is Ok to be there. Whether it's an emotion or a sound, whether it feels disturbing or welcome, whether it's within you or from the outside. Everything is Ok. You are Ok the way you are. Don't try to become someone else than you are right now or to seek for a different state then you are in right now. It just creates resistance, holding you back from being connected with your true self. Look at yourself as if you would look at a friend, be gentle with you and you'll notice how things getting easier. Allow yourself to be "imperfect".

Getting away from positive and negative should be our goal. Tricky thing is that we should not search or strive for it. This would only create expectations of a fictional future salvation and this only, if our striving was good enough. Future is and will remain unknown. And the self set "good enough" is something we will never achieve. As a result, we go back in circles. Let's be open to allowing our surrounding and ourselves to be imperfect. Patiently being aware of what is. Positive or negative, it doesn't matter. Become a watcher of yourself. Whatever comes along. Take note of it, allow it to be, live it through, and you'll be able to let it go.

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