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Don't take it so seriously! It's only life happening!

Don't be so serious - loughing

Yesterday I was kind of bored being mindful all the time. Holding a constant serious attitude while observing my feelings and surroundings just drained the last drop of energy out of me.

So I just sat outside scrolling hilarious videos on the internet. I had a blast laughing and it just helped to relieve the pressure I put on myself while being so serious all the time in whatever I'm doing.

It reminded me of a part from the book "Way of the peaceful warrior" by Dan Millman.

Dan who just awoke from a mental journey wherein he experienced unity with the universe. Overwhelmed, he said to his mentor:" Socrates, I ow you a dept that I can never repay. I understand everything now, and I know what I must do. I don't suppose I'll be needing to see you again." He was sad that he graduated. He would miss him.

Socrates looked at Dan, a startled expression on his face, then started to laugh more uproariously than ever. He shook all over; tears ran down his cheeks. Finally he calmed and explained his laughter: "You haven't quite graduated, junior; your work has hardly begun. Look at yourself. You are fundamentally the same as when you stumbled in here months ago. What you saw was only a vision, not a conclusive experience. It will fade into memory, but even so, it will serve as a reminder and reference point. Now relax and stop acting so serious!"

On my journey to the present moment, I often feel like Dan, happy for every new experience, holding on to it and expecting to keep the momentum. Practicing mindfulness can be exhausting due to the constant focus while unconsciously attempting to reach a goal.

It's a journey. Don't be so serious! :)

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive! - Elbert Hubbard

While scrolling through those funny videos, I came across one of a stand-up comedian that reminded me about our options whenever life happens.

Stand-up Comedy

He said that, recently someone has stolen his wallet on the street and ran away. Upset, he started running after him screaming for help to stop that guy. After running for half an hour, he thought about the money in the wallet and remembered there were only 40 bugs in it. Then he thought that his fitness coach asks 50 bugs for the same time exercising. 10 bugs saved, he stopped running and yelled out to that guy: "Thank youuuuu!".

A good example of how to overcome resistance to an embarrassing experience. :)

After all, the best teachers we can learn from to live in the present moment are children. Not worried about the future nor concerned about the past, they just laugh, scream, cry, and play in this present moment. This I will remind myself every time when I feel I'm handling things with too much importancy again.

It's a journey! Don't be so serious when things don't run smooth! :)

Enjoy the moment!

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