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Enjoying life again!

Breaking the stigma: Shifting perception of depression and mental health issues. Unveiling the limits preventing ourselves from enjoying our lives!

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What prevents a joyful life?

      Sometimes the longest journey we make is 16 inches, from our heads to our hearts

- Elena Avila

For the mind is the biggest strength and weakness of humanity; it's the only thing standing in between us and the life we wish to live. Enjoying life is possible at anytime, right here and right now. Realizing and breaking free from our thoughts is all it takes.

Enjoying life again through understanding and transforming deep-rooted beliefs.

But how does that work?

Living an enjoyable life starts with realizing the unconscious beliefs we carry along and how they affect our emotional world.

They form lenses, filters through which we perceive our suroundings, others and ourselves.

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  • Find purpose and motivation

  • Build up confidence

  • Strengthen mental resilience

  • Sense your authentic self

Discovering the ability to experience joy and happiness after years of battling depression gave birth to a profound shift in my life; igniting a sense of purpose that now drives me to share my experiences through “The Unraveled Mind”.


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