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Beyond Little Thoughts

This is my first post in the new category named Discoveries, wherein I’ll write about experiences I came across. Places, people and things that inspired me and hopefully, I can pass that same feeling on to you.

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Beyond little thoughts” was the first blog I came across just after having launched It was the name itself that caught my attention, probably because living in this present moment happens beyond thoughts. Curious about the treasures such a name could conceal, I read the first post I’ve chosen about Self-Care Motivation.

I had a lot of trouble with staying motivated in the past, so this felt like a perfect start, especially since I recently released my blog, a heart thing; I was scared I could get sucked back into the lack of motivation cycle again whenever things would become too much to handle. And it turned out to be the perfect read. The part explaining the functioning of the human brain was the main point I took away from it. It reminded me that any change can’t be a race, since it takes time to internalize for the new pathways to take over the old ones. Only focus on every next step with passion, and it will become a breeze.

After reading a couple more articles, I felt Michelle’s content was an excellent addition to what I’m writing. It allows readers to have different perspectives on the same topic. Our brain loves this, and it helps us to understand and process information more easily.

Unsplash - Magic

When I came across Magic Is, it perplexed me at first. How is magic coming into play? I immediately got the point when reading. I wouldn’t have had the idea to pack it into “Magic”, but she nailed it doing so.

Life is magic! Everything we’re doing, creating and inventing, is magic. We just lost sense of it as we grew up.

In order to experience the now, you need to free yourself from everything you learned. Get rid of the experts in your head. Mr. and Mrs. know it all. Then experience the world just like a newborn would do. Everything around is wonderful, is magic.

“Magic is saying thank-you to old items before discarding them.”

I love this one! And will definitely think about it next time when separating from old stuff. << That we don’t need anyway. Thanks Michelle :)

Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We shall all let magic get back into our lives. Letting go of our so beloved experts of everything. We were always striving to gain knowledge and with it; We closed ourselves from everything around us, unable to appreciate all the little things because we already know.

This won’t be the last time you read about beyond little thoughts on my blog. I found we look in different ways at the same things. And yes, this is magic as well :)

Enjoy the moment

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You have the perfect perspective of what I'm all about. I'm just living life and want to share my experiences. Thank you!

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